LabroTek provide innovative environmental simulation and measurement solutions:


  • NMR measurement solutions ( new 100MHz )
  • Viscometers and Rheometers
  • Analytical and Scientific instruments
  • Temperature and humidity testing, chambers, walk-in rooms
  • UV, Xenon and Solar test chambers
  • X-RAY testing instruments
  • Calibration baths and chambers
  • Plant Growth Chambers and walk-rooms, all lightning solutions
  • Agriculture and Post Harvest solutions
  • Corrosion testing, Cyclic Corrosion testing chambers
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauges
  • Thermal conductivity measurement
  • Colour measurement solutions
  • Packing testing solutions, and dataloggers
  • Textile testing solutions
  • Vibration testing solutions
  • Elvira Radar solutions for Drones, RadioHill Drone RF jammers
  • EMI-EMC-RF testing solutions and large range of shielding materials, and customized solutions & RF-Safety solutions
  • GTEM test cells
  • Vibration controllers for all shaker manufacturers
  • Mechanical and Tensile testing solutions
  • Accelerometers cables and accessories
  • AC/DC Power testing solutions
  • Industrial and Research microscopes
  • Indoor, Outdoor Air-Quality measurement solutions
  • Radiation measurements for all applications

Our customers are from the following industry areas:

Aerospace, Automotive, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Electronics, Food, Insulation, Packaging, Paint, Petroleum, Pharma, Plastics, Power plants, Textiles, Tire & Rubber, Cables, Biology, Life-Science, Universities, Research institutes, Police, MIL..

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