Corrosion Testing

"Can we be absolutely sure our new car model will be rust-free during the guarantee period?"

If you want to build truly great cars or other machines made of metals that will work reliably in wet and salty conditions, corrosion management will be one of your top priorities. Salt spray corrosion test chambers are all about faster, accelerated data on corrosion vulnerabilities and life expectancy of your products. If your surface coatings are too thin, salt fog inside the chamber will soon reveal this weakness. Corrosion testing is cheap compared to many other testing fields. It’s also rather quick and you can usually recreate the results reliably. It’s a necessary method for quality assurance of metal parts.

For the automotive industry, corrosion testing in standard chambers is useful, but not accurate enough for simulating real usage situations. Still, corrosion is one of the main consumer concerns. This is where cyclic corrosion testing chambers come into play. A real car, used by typical customers, will experience many different environments, not just heavy corrosion attacks that you get in a traditional salt spray test. They offer sets of stages where the humidity and temperature will change according to testing parameters.

Our corrosion testing solutions

We have partnered with Ascott to bring world class corrosion testing equipment into the Baltic and Scandinavian regions. Ascott is a leading brand in the demanding industry of creating accurate corrosive environments. Our product range can meet even your most demanding corrosion testing needs. The chambers come in the following sizes:

  • 120 Litres
  • 450 Litres
  • 1000 Litres
  • 1300 Litres
  • 2000 Litres
  • 2600 Litres

Salt spray chambers

Our salt spray testing chambers have the following modes:

  • Salt Spray Mode
  • Condensation Humidity Mode
  • SO2 Gas Dosing

Cyclic corrosion testing chambers

Our cyclic corrosion testing chambers offer the following modes and features:

  • Salt Spray Mode
  • Condensation Humidity and Controlled Humidity Modes
  • Air Drying Mode

In addition, the cyclic corrosion test chambers can have several options, such as refrigeration, liquid immersion or horizontal mist spray. Please direct your inquiries at our experts here. We will be happy to assist you with choosing the products that suit your needs.

Additional features

All of our corrosion test chambers come with a solid set of features and accessories designed to make testing easy and pleasant. Every chambers has a touch screen control interface and IP/LAN control interface to control and follow tests remotely from a PC. The canopy opens with very low force thanks to pneumatic assistance. Accessories include a large capacity salt solution tank with mobile design, which is very easy to move if needed. The chamber will purge the salt spray from within the chamber and fill it with fresh air before you open the canopy.

For a full, detailed list of features, please contact us.

How do corrosion test chambers work?

We here at Labrotek love technical stuff, and this is right down our alley. Basic salt spray mode works by taking in compressed air and liquid salt solution. The air is pushed through what is called an Air saturator. The air saturator is filled with distilled or de-ionized water. When air is pushed into the saturator from the bottom, it bubbles and floats up. This causes the air to reach 100% relative humidity. This is done to ensure the salt spray inside the chamber will be sufficiently wet and dense.

Both the humidified air and the salt solution are pushed into the salt spray atomizer. This is where the salt mist that goes into the testing chamber is produced.The temperature of the mist is carefully adjusted according to testing parameters.

Within the chamber itself, the testing samples await. The temperature inside the chamber is kept stable with heating mats at the bottom of the chamber.

The control panel outside shows real time data and keeps logs of testing phases. You will be able to check the designated parameters and the actual achieved parameters and compare them.

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