Environmental test chambers

"Will your laptop work in Sahara as well?"

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your cell phone if you left it outdoors in the dead of winter, with – 35°C temperatures? Most people would rush to save their phone as soon as possible, and take it indoors right away. When you quickly heat up items that are cold, or cool down items that are hot, the item receives what’s called a thermal shock. When temperatures change, materials enlarge or shrink slightly. When you take your phone indoors from the cold, the surface gets warm, but the phone is still freezing cold from the center. This can cause dangerous levels of stress in the fragile plastic parts.

When you want to test your products for such occurrences, you’ll want to invest in an environmental testing chamber. Environmental testing chambers can do a whole lot of testing about how your products will fare in the real world. Among other things, they can test your device for:

  • Extreme temperature
  • Thermal shocks (rapid changes in temperature) ESS, HALT-HASS
  • Altitude, air pressure and sun simulation
  • Gas test chambers
  • Moisture and high humidity
  • Environmental chambers
  • Walki-In test rooms

Practically any products that are intended for everyday use should be tested for performance and resilience in sub optimal environments. It’s a wonderful way to reduce callbacks and keep your customers happier.

Our solutions and equipment for environmental test chambers

Our affiliate for environmental chambers and walk-ins is Aralab. Their continued effort to provide more than plain machinery makes them stand out among countless environmental chamber manufacturers.

We ship, install, maintain and calibrate the following types of environmental testing equipment:

  • Environmental testing chambers, aka “reach-ins”
  • Environmental testing rooms, aka “walk-ins”

Optional accessories

Our Aralab chambers can be accompanied by many accessories designed to customers needs, here is view examples about options:

  • FitoLog software package – Controlling the chambers from a PC.
  • Connection equipment for your FitoLog PC. Ethernet and wireless options available.
  • Observation windows for chamber wall.
  • Water demineralizers and conductivity monitors.
  • Calibrations and calibration certificates
  • Vibration testing integration package, for combined climatic and vibration testing.

Other, more specific accessories are also available. Our staff will be happy to tell you more.

When to choose a reach-in model?

If your goal is to test small, hand held or slightly bigger, products several times a year, a compact reach-in chamber is for you. Their testing volumes range from 300 to 1500 liters.

Depending on your choices, they also have the following capabilities

  • Temperature range: from -75°C up to 180°C
  • Temperature stability: +-0.1°C to +-0.3°C
  • Temperature uniformity: +-0.1°C to +-1°C
  • Humidity range (% RH): 10% to 98%
  • Humidity stability: +-0.5% RH to +-3% RH
  • Accessories: steel shelves, cable ports, mobile design etc.

When to choose a walk-in model?

If you are testing large or heavy products, you will want them placed on a solid floor inside your environmental testing chamber. That is where walk-in chambers come into play. We can build different sizes of walk-in chambers to fulfill your testing specifications. See presentation video below.

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