Plant Growth Chambers and Rooms

"Can we grow potatoes in martian soil?"

If you take an empty glass jar, take it to your backyard and put it down over grass upside down, the grass inside the jar will grow much faster than the grass around it. This is because the conditions for growth have suddenly become better: the air inside the jar is warmer and there’s more moisture.

If you want to know which variants of a plant grow the fastest, you can’t just put them out in your yard and see reliable results. You will need an environment that is absolutely fair and homogeneous. Same temperature. Same moisture level and light amount. You get the point.

Plant growth chambers are used to study and grow life that is difficult to study under natural conditions. When you want to know which potato variety you should plant in a jungle to fight local famine, you can get the answers you need without travelling to an actual jungle. Many algae that would naturally be found on the shores of the sea can be cultivated for research in environmental chambers. Same goes for insects from rain forests.

Farming plants is also viable inside these chambers. Vegetables grown inside growing chambers or rooms are becoming more frequent. Medicinal plants such as cannabis can be easily grown locally.

Our plant growth chamber solutions

Our partnership with Aralab covers both environmental testing chambers and plant growth chambers. We offer a full range of plant growth chambers and solutions for all plants from small to large, short to tall. We handle shipping, installation and maintenance for you.

  • Compact reach-in chambers for small scale needs
  • Single- and multi-tier walk-in plant growth facilities

Our solutions offer full control over every relevant parameter:

  • Day and night cycles with dawn and dusk
  • Lighting system with light type and dimness settings
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO 2

Please contact our staff for a detailed list of features, parameters and accessories.


Plant growth chambers without appropriate lighting won’t get you very far. Specific lighting is necessary to maximize photosynthesis and plant growth. Our solutions for growth lights are state of the art LEDs, which are the best replacement for old HPS lights. We offer the following lighting types:

  • extra-lightweight Tube lights
  • Rail lights, still lightweight but more robust
  • Heavy duty hanging light unit with heat sink

Accessories include cabling, transformers and covers. Diffused covers also available, please ask our staff about details on diffusion and light output loss.

VALOYA LED Lightning optimized for production and research

Our partnership with Valoya covers wide range of different LED lightning solutions from small growth chambers to Walk-In rooms, and Greenhouses. We are also able to retrofit and update your old lightning solutions ( walk-in, chambers etc )  for customized versions !

If you have any questions about lightning solutions, please ask more details from us !

What products will suit my needs?

Our Aralab products are flexible. They can be configured to meet several different needs. Here are some diverse examples.

Indoor farming

We offer a full, factory ready plant solution for plant nurturing. Are you ready to grow fully pesticide free organic produce while optimizing water consumption? Contact our experts for a quote.

Marine biology research

Fitoclima 600 & Fitoclima 1200 reach-in chambers and the Fitoclima PLH Walk-in can be customized for studying underwater life. The PLH Walk-in can be customized far enough to simulate wind conditions for the most accurate, real world research you could need.

Entomology research – Study of insects

From our product range, the following are best suited for entomologists. You can keep insects in a secure place with controllable environment:

FitoClima PLH can be customized to meet the requirements of entomology , especially the study of drosophila. See picture below for example use.


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