Weathering Test Instruments and Equipment

"How long will the new garden elf last?"

If you own a summer house, you know everything about weathering. You painted that wall three years ago, and it’s already going bad!

Weathering is when weather mistreats your cabin (or anything for that matter) and your cabin wears out. People all around the world spend countless amounts of money to maintain things that are doomed to fail again. The sun, the rain and temperature changes all damage even the sturdiest looking materials. Typical effects of weathering include:

  • Rust
  • Paint cracking or peeling
  • Cracking of material
  • Discoloration

The study of weathering focuses on learning how long parts or products can last in the real world before needing repairs. Sometimes weathering testing can be as simple as strapping your products side by side on a rack and taking it outside and letting it sit there. Then, after days, weeks or months have passed, you go and get the product rack back for study. This is all well and good if you can wait a month or longer. When you can’t, you can always accelerate weathering in a laboratory.

Our Weathering testing equipment

We offer full shipping, installation, calibration and maintenance for our weathering testing solutions across Scandinavia and Baltic regions. Our weathering testing selection comes from Atlas, who has been involved in weathering testing for over 100 years. Our solutions include:

  • Accelerated weathering instruments
  • UV-A, UV-B weathering instruments
  • Solar simulation systems
  • XENON test systems

For a full product range, please see this Atlas weathering testing catalog. For quotes and more information, please contact our staff.

Why choose to weathering test products?

If you want to ensure your product quality is excellent, you need to test your products for sufficient protection against weather. As you surely know, the atmosphere contains pollutants and gases that form acid rains. They carry the risk of different reactions from your products, speeding up or altering the degradation of your product.

When you’re studying weathering effects, you need reproducibility of results and repeatability of the tests you make. Our testing instruments offer you just that: accurately repeatable, faster tests that yield the same results every time. Our products see widespread use in plastic-, textile-, paint and automotive industries.

Which products should I choose?

All our products use Xenon lamps. When Xenon lamps produce light, they also produce lots of heat. Heating up the test samples is intended, but the heat in other parts must be discharged. There are two good ways of doing this without affecting the spectral output: cool the system down with water or air.

Fade-Ometeres and Weather-Ometers are water cooled. The Xenotest-family is air cooled. We won’t go into the hardcore details here, but these are the typical tests you can do with each cooling style:

Water cooled testing instruments

  • All common weathering and lightfastness tests
  • Accelerated weathering tests with more UV light and shorter wavelengths (this means more damage to test samples) than UV from sunlight
  • Weathering tests with full spectrum match
  • Cool weathering testing temperatures

Water cooled weathering test instrument


Air cooled testing instruments

  • Simulation of solar radiation behind window glass
  • Solar radiation simulation in high temperatures. You could want this for car interior material testing etc.
  • Outdoors solar radiation simulations (you’ll need these to meet older standard requirements)

Our tech-savvy staff will be happy to answer any further questions.

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