Environmental chambers and Rooms

The name ARALAB is the junction of the words Araujo – the name of the brothers João and Eduardo, who founded the company in 1985 – and Laboratory.

The new ARALAB logo symbolizes the union of the scientific rigor with the human capacity for understanding others and developing partnerships. Hence the circle, with its geometric and symbolic meaning. The black circle represents Aralab – a neutral platform where everything fits, green for Biotechnology, blue for Stability in Pharmacy and red the environmental tests in Industry.

Aralab Environmental Testing chambers and Walk-Ins offer the ideal solution for temperature and humidity testing, simulation and exposure to weather, temperature cycles, aging and stress testing etc.

We have also flexible production and capability to make special versions to fulfill all customer testing needs.

aralab climate chamber

Environmental testing chambers, ranging from 300 to 1500 litres of internal volume. Ideal solution for temperature and climatic testing, simulation and exposure to weather, temperature changes, humidity cycles, accelerated aging and stress testing.

When internal testing volume is a necessity, Aralab walk-in chambers for environmental testing applications will offer the performance and reliability you need. Large size of walk-ins.

Temperature and vibration testing chamber for electronic components.

‘Drive-in’ climatic chamber for automotive testing under extreme weather conditions.

Aralab environmental test chambers help manufacturers in the electronics and automotive industry to test various types of components people use every day.

Aralab offers a vast array of test chambers to meet a variety of industry testing standards. From small ‘reach-in’ temperature/humidity chambers, to integration with shakers, and large walk-in rooms designed for specific testing applications.

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