Particle Counters and Measurement

"Is that water safe to drink? Looks a bit green to me."

When you absolutely must know if that water is drinkable or not, or if that medicine has few enough contaminants, you need to accurately measure the contents with a particle measurement device.

Imagine a rock quarry.  The machines all around you hammer away at rocks, shattering them to smaller pieces. There’s a lot of dust. If the dust from the mining process is too fine, it will go literally everywhere. It will damage the equipment and everything else nearby. Air contaminant monitoring is a very common area for particle measurements.

Now you’re the captain of an airliner. The jet fuel your plane burns has been checked before the fueling of your plane. Another very typical application for particle measurements.

Our particle measurement solutions

Reliable particle measurements require very high quality products. Our choice of supplier is Markus Klotz GmbH. Their products are well known to be among the best in the world. They manufacture all their products and they code their own software in house. We offer shipment, installation, calibration and service of the following types of particle measurement devices and systems:

  • Liquids
  • Air & gases
  • Oils

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Liquid particle measurement solutions

Liquid particle counters test the purity of drinking water, air, gases, pharmaceutical solutions and chemicals. Here are some examples from our product range:

Abakus mobil fluid touch

This particle measurement device is designed to count particles from bottles and pressured lines. Since it can work with tank systems and other pressurized inputs, it is perfect for laboratory conditions. Particles are separated into 32 different sizes. The results can be printed out or transmitted to an interface. You can discover more about the Abakus mobil fluid here.

Abakus particle measurement device

Particle counter TCC with standpipe

The TCC particle counter comes with a stainless steel standpipe. It’s perfect for measuring pollution of drinking water. You can set certain pollution thresholds that will trigger an alert if they are transgressed. The device can be set up to monitor a constant stream with a pressure of 1-10 bar.


Particle Measurement Systems for Air and Gases

Did you know that many electronic and medical products must be manufactured under strictly clean conditions? This includes the purity of air inside the manufacturing facility. As a result, clean room technology and quality assurance heavily depend on particle measurements.

 Impaktor FH6

The Impaktor FH6 is used to test the bio burden of gas or air. A radial fan draws in the gas or air, and the device makes sure the flow stays constant. The device takes measurements only under correct conditions. If the air flow is disturbed, measurements are halted.


Particle Measurement Systems for Oils

All of Klotzs’ products are excellent, but they are most focused on particle counters for hydraulic oils, diesel and kerosene. When you flush important machinery from the inside, it’s important to know if the flushing is actually finished cleaning the machine. Our solutions can be set up and the actual measurements can be performed on the spot or remotely online. Here are some examples from our product range:

PCSS Fluid Lite

This particle counter is used for counting particles in fluids from pipes or bottles. With the laser sensor LDS 45/50, this device is a great contamination control tool for kerosene, diesel and oils.



This system is perfect for laboratories. The device can be used to measure how much residual contamination is present in a flushing liquid. With accessorier, pressurizing sample bottles is also possible.


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