Particle Measurement

There are many technologies available to determine particle size distribution of materials. Of all the technologies available, laser diffraction has become one of the most widely used and preferred method.

What is Particle Size?

Particles are three-dimensional objects. Three parameters are required — length, breadth and height. Thus, it is impossible to describe a particle using a single number that equates to particle size. Therefore, most sizing techniques assume that the material being measured is spherical because a sphere is the only shape that can be described by a single number, its diameter, thus simplifying the way particle size distributions are represented.

We offer measurement solutions for liquids, air and gases. We have also solutions for pharmaceutical, and chemical industry particle measurements.

Monitoring Elpro – Networking and monitoring – A Good Connection

Cleanroom technology cannot do without metrological monitoring facilities. Numerous contamination-sensitive technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, in the medical sector, in the electrical industry, in research and development, and increasingly in the supplier industry are confronted with the high demands on the cleanliness of manufacturing environments. On the other hand, safety aspects in pharmaceutics and medicine have a great importance, for instance in the manufacturing and handling of cytostatics.

For all these application areas the measuring with air particle counters is an essential part of any quality assurance system for testing the intactness of filters. The key guidelines for the testing of clean areas include: VDI 2083, US Federal Standard 209E, DIN EN ISO14644, DIN 1946, DIN 12950 / 12980, and the FDA and GMP guidelines.

particle measurement device

Particle Counter Box with Display

The particle counter box has been designed as 3-channel particle counter; it can be used to monitor up to 6 size classes on the display or 16 size classes with “Protrend”. A microcontroller (SPS) allows you to start measurements and read out three particle sizes with the help of a current signal for 4–20 mA (optional: voltage 0–10 V). In addition, a closed contact allows you to query threshold exceeding. On the display up to six freely adjustable size classes can be shown.

Particle counter box with display

TCC Particle Counter for Hydraulic OILS and DIESEL FUELS

The TCC particle counter with LDS 45/50 laser sensor is used as an online monitoring system for hydraulic oils and diesel fuels. The system can evaluate three freely adjustable particle sizes. Three ISO classes may be shown on the display. For each channel limit values can be set which monitor the degree of contamination. The devices can be connected to a central evaluation unit via the RS 232 or the 4-20mA interfaces respectively. Optional: Accessories for flow regulation (riser pipe, DPS or DHV). By setting the measuring time at the TCC the particle numbers can be measured in relation to the volume.

TCC particle counter

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