Plant Growth Chambers and Rooms

Plant Growth chambers and growth rooms offering unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and reproducibility of all environmental conditions.

FitoClima 600 & 1200 Plant Growth Chambers

plant growth chamber fitoclima

Plant growth chambers with ‘reach-in’ sizes for numerous plant research applications. Allowing precise and reproducible control of temperature, humidity, light intensities, air flow and CO2, with an adaptable future proof interior to fit almost any research scenario.

FitoClima 2500 Plant Growth Chamber

plant growth fitoclima 2500

High resolution touch-screen interface for management and control of all environmental conditions. Light, temperature, humidity, CO2, air flow, irrigation or programs configured with a simple touch.

ClimaPlus Touch-Screen Controller

touch screen controller

Easy to use touch-screen interface with graphical view of programs and climatic variables. Password protection of controller functions. Non volatile memory. Controls every environmental variable available for any specific FitoClima model.

FitoLog Software

The FitoLog software suite is a set of applications designed to monitor and log data from the chambers processes variables. The software consists of 3 applications.

Single-Tier Plant Growth Rooms

plant growth room

Single tier ‘walk-in’ controlled environment rooms for medium and tall plants requiring moderate to high light intensities. With an optimized spectra for plant growth, lights are located at the ceiling in a self refrigerated lamp-loft to keep environmental conditions uniform and stable throughout the growth area.

Multi-tier Plant Growth Rooms

Controlled Environment Plant Growth Rooms with multi-tier growth modules divided by a center aisle. With independent light control for each module and precise environment simulation (temperature, humidity, light intensity, air flow and optional CO2) this chamber enables simulation of numerous environments.

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