Radiation Measuring Instruments

"When will Chernobyl tours be safe for the public?"

The classic ionizing radiation emitted by nuclear weapons always carries a tone of high risk and terror with it. Everyone is familiar with it’s symbol. The name “ionizing radiation” comes from having enough punching power to liberate electrons from atoms and molecules on collision.

The truth is, similar radiation is all around us and its totally normal. Radiation is mostly really dangerous only when there’s unnatural amounts of it. Outside the atmosphere and the magnetic shield of our planet, radiation is running wild. Luckily for us, our planet is working hard to keep us safe. In addition to natural radiation, nuclear power plants and transportation of nuclear materials increase radiation slightly. Sources of radiation include:

  • Cosmic radiation
  • Mining and oil drilling
  • Nuclear power production
  • Nuclear tests
  • Residual fallout

Radiation induces some interesting effects in chemicals. Radiolysis is the effect of chemical breakdowns and reactions induced by ionizing radiation. Radiation can even make metals soft with the same principle of disturbing the structure of materials.

Radiation affects us in harmful ways. They damage our tissue and increase risk of mutations and cancer. This is why measuring radiation in locations of high risk is very important. Radiation is most often measured in fields where it can be benefited from:

  • Industrial – Radiation can penetrate surfaces and help see inside without having to break the material or dig
  • Military
  • Medicine – Radiation is perfect for sterilizing medical instruments

Over time the use of radiation as a tool has diminished. There was a time when shoe sizes were measured with X-rays! When the risks of radiation became clear, the practice was halted.

Our radiation measurement solutions

We have partnered up with Ecotest to bring top quality radiation measurement and detection devices to Scandinavia and Baltic regions. Their expertise in the field of radiation spans nearly three decades. We deliver, install and service a full line of radiation measurement solutions:

  • Hand held measurement devices for personal use
  • Personnel exposure monitoring
  • Isotope detection devices
  • Area monitoring
  • Probes
  • Monitoring and detection systems for vehicles, such as ships
  • Portal monitors

If you have more specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us for more details on how we can help you.

Why choose a personal, hand held device?

When you work under conditions where radiation hazards are a real threat and the radiation levels rise, you want to know as soon as possible. Our products are designed for detecting changes in radiation quickly. Our pocket dosimeter takes just five seconds to detect changes in gamma background radiation. Personal devices will often be small enough to carry in your pocket or around your wrist. They protect you without getting in your way.

When you want to detect and identify radioactive materials, you need an isotope detection device. The SPECTRA isotope detector is well known for its high sensitivity to radioactivity.

Our products meet all necessary standards, starting from the CE all the way to specific, military grade standards.

Why are fixed monitors necessary

Airports, train stations, border crossings and the like might want to make sure radioactive materials or devices are not imported illegally. Installing a portal monitor around train tracks, roads or airport pathways is an effective and cheap way of achieving security against illegal imports.

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