Vibration Testing

Vibration Testing

Vibration testing can help ensure that your new design will survive its intended environment.

Electrodynamic vibration systems are capable of performing many different tests as sine, random, shock, sine-on-random, random-on-random and other complex waveforms as well as replicating data that is collected from real world conditions with loggers.

Frequency Range Electrodynamic shakers operate through a wide frequency range that is normally from 5 Hz to 3,000 Hz. Most test specifications in the automotive and transportation industry emphasize low frequencies (ie: below 1,000 Hz) while military vibration specifications normally call for testing out to 2,000Hz and electronics industry specs can go very high even 3,000 Hz.

Air-Cooled Series

The air-cooled series electro-dynamic vibration test system has the advantages, such as wide frequency range, excellent indicators, high reliability, small floor space, easy to move, and easy to operate.


Vibration test system features with the large force, large bearing capacity and high cooling efficiency, to complete the tri-axial sinusoidal vibration test, broadband random vibration test and classical (semi-sinusoidal, trapezoidal, and postpeak sawtooth) pulse and shock response spectrum test.


Electro-dynamic vibration shaker can be equipped with the slip table to achieve three-dimensional vibration test. The overall load capacity can be improved thanks to the smaller carrier (table) weight of the slip table, to be able to support the load with a larger size and greater weight´s.

DONGLING Technologies

Founded in 1995, DONGLING Technologies is a top supplier of environmental and reliability testing solutions. Relying on extraordinary quality & innovation, DONGLING has created its reputation as a leading supplier in the global market. The product portfolio covers Vibration test system, Shock / bump test system, Constant Acceleration Centrifuge, Drop Test System, Swing / transportation simulation test system, Measuring Instruments and 3rd party testing services.




3-AXIS Shakers

Research & Development

Customer values is the first priority, the design of DONGLING product is all customer oriented. In the present DONGLING Technologies is cooperated with Top Chinese universities like Northwestern Polytechnic University, Zhejiang University, Harbin institute of technology, Tsinghua University. Researcher 60 persons, 5 Doctoral degree, 21 Master degrees, over 20 senior engineers, and recruit 20 oversea specialists, in Japan DONGLING has an alliance R&D Center with Japanese specialist, and every year DONGLING put 35% gross income to new product research and development.

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