LabroTek Ltd  provide innovative TEST and MEASUREMENT solutions in Scandinavia and Baltics

  • Nanalysis NMR measurement solutions ( 60 MHz and NEW 100MHz ) and EPR measurement solutions
  • Lamy Rheology Viscometers and Rheometers
  • Aralab Temperature and humidity testing, chambers, walk-in rooms
  • Haier Biomedical ULT Freezers – 86 °C, Haier Biomedial Biological safety cabinets
  • Atlas UV, Xenon and Solar test chambers
  • X-Ray testing instruments
  • Kambic Calibration baths and chambers
  • Aralab Plant Growth Chambers and walk-in rooms
  • CID Instruments/Felix instruments Agriculture and Post Harvest solutions
  • Ascott Corrosion testing, Cyclic Corrosion testing chambers
  • Cygnus Instruements Ultrasonic thickness gauges
  • C-Therm Thermal conductivity measurement
  • Hunterlab Colour measurement solutions
  • Labthink Packing testing solutions, and dataloggers
  • Atlas SDL Textile testing solutions
  • Dongling, PIV, Dynalabs Vibration Research Vibration testing solutions/ Vibration controllers
  • Dytran, Monitran acceleration sensors and calibrators
  • Robin Radar Elvira Radar solutions for Drones and birds
  • EMI-EMC-RF testing solutions and large range of shielding materials, and customized solutions & RF-Safety solutions
  • GTEM test cells
  • WANCE Mechanical and Tensile testing solutions
  • Dytran , MONITRAN accelerometers cables and accessories
  • AC/DC Power testing solutions
  • Aeroqual Indoor, Outdoor Air-Quality measurement solutions, and RHODE UV-C sterilization solutions
  • ECOTEST Radiation measurements for all applications
  • Thermal cameras

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