AC/DC Power Test Equipment

"AC/DC means good music most times. But not this time."

Did you know that almost all of your electronic devices cannot use the electricity coming out of the electric network directly? You have surely heard that sticking your fingers into a wall socket is one of the stupidest ideas. Now for a very relevant question: If electricity can harm you severely, why is nobody talking about being careful of shocks when your coffee spills on your keyboard? The answer lies between the wall socket and your PC: the AC to DC power supply unit.

Power supplies convert electric energy from the dangerous high voltage AC power supply into the DC form that is safe, stable and much more usable. AC/DC power testing makes sure this conversion always works as intended.

Our solutions and equipment

Our power test equipment comes from ET System electronic Gmbh. With German engineering values at heart, they have made excellent products for more than thirty years in the following product ranges:

  • AC and DC sources
  • AC and DC loads
  • Sources and loads with power recycling
  • Power supplies
  • Inverters

You can also get more complex systems, such as:

  • Power circuit breaker test system
  • Safety test system
  • Battery test system
  • Formatting system
  • Special systems for educational purposes

In short, whatever your power testing needs are, we can make it happen. Please contact us for a quote or more information.

Making good power supplies is not that easy

Modern regulations have made combustions and other failures extremely rare. So what separates a modern, good power supply from a modern bad one? There are a few others, but mainly its about being as efficient as possible while maintaining performance that fulfills regulations. Here are some of our favourite picks to get you ahead:

EAC/S Series AC source

This product series is an essential AC network simulation tool. Depending on model, you can supply either single or three-phase sine, triangle or rectangle voltage. Frequency range can be adjusted between 0 and 2 Hz. Additionally, all frequently required frequencies (50, 60 and 400Hz) can be selected with the press of a button. Here are some other great features:

  • High variety of functions and included flicker simulation
  • Optional wave forms
  • Excellent display graphics and user-friendly interface

For more information, check out this brochure.

Lab series DC source

For your industrial applications, laboratories and other high performance, minimal space requirement DC supply needs, this is the equipment you want. With highly customized operations modes, you can set the voltage and current directly at the regulators fully analog. Other great fueatures include:

  • Many interfaces for full control of the unit
  • Compact and efficient (efficiency up to 94%)
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