Package material testing

LabroTek Ltd offer professional solutions for developing packaging materials anbd solutions.

We have delivered many GBPI instruments to our customers in Scandinavia and Baltics

GBPI have been on this business more than 75 years already.

LabroTek Ltd offer flexible solutions by GBPI for following areas:

Abrasion Resistance Tester

Adhesion Testing

Air Permeability Tester

Compressive Strength Tester

Evaporation Residue Testing

Flex Durability Testing, Fogging Testing, Friction /COF Testers

Headspace Gas Analysis

Heat Seal Tester

Impact Testers

Leak Testers

Seal Integrity testing

Oxygen Permeability Tester

Peel Resistance Tester

Seal Strength Tester, Shear Strength Tester, Shrinkage Testers, Tearing Resistance Testing

Tensile Strength Testers, Thickness Measurement solutions

Water  Vapor Permeability Testers





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