"How long can I hold that hot baking sheet with gloves for?"

LabroTek Ltd offer C-Therm thermal conductivity  solutions. It describes how quickly differences in temperature transfer and spread out. As you probably know, the differences in thermal conductivity between materials can be huge. This comes in handy, as the world can often be way too hot or cold for our liking.

Thermal conductivity testing can also answer questions like “how much insulation does this house need?”. The field of thermal conductivity testing expands much wider, however. For instance, you can tell if a shipment of raw materials is impure or low quality by testing their conductivity and comparing it to other results from good shipments. If you oversee lubricated machinery, you can monitor the deterioration of the lubricants by taking a small sample and checking out the thermal conductivity.

Our solutions and equipment

Our equipment comes from C-Therm. With the amount of attention to the speed and especially ease of use, C-Therm was an easy choice. We offer a range of thermal conductivity and other thermal property testing equipment:

  • TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzers
  • High-Precision Dilatometers

We ship, install, calibrate and offer service in Scandinavia and Baltics. Contact our experts to solve your thermal conductivity testing needs!

TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer TRIDENT:



C-Therm solutions ThermalKit

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We’ll be frank with you now. These conductivity analyzers are the fastest and the easiest way to measure thermal conductivity. You’ll love them especially if you need to make lots of straightforward tests in rapid succession. They have the following features:

  • Test samples of any size
  • Test solids, liquids, powders and pastes
  • Short testing times
  • Your samples are left intact
  • Adaptable for laboratory, quality control and at-line testing
  • No calibration required
  • -50°C to +200°C temperature range, which can be expanded up to 500 °C

We also ship all necessary accessories, including

  • Sensors
  • Small-volume liquid test cells
  • Compression test accessories
  • High pressure cells
  • Reference materials and manuals

Advanced Thermal Conductivity solutions

Here are just a handful of the many fields where our equipment can be made to fit your workflow without a fuss:

  • Our sensor technology can be integrated into pipe networks, enabling constant testing and monitoring without damaging or destroying sample batches of precious chemicals like petrol or oil.
  • The heat conductivity of pure metals is well known. New, cutting edge composite metals which consist of a mix of many metals and other substances are a different story. Our equipment is suited for studying highly conductive metals such as copper.
  • Thermal conductivity testing and explosive materials sounds like a bad idea. And usually, it is a bad idea. With C-Therm accessories and a thermal conductivity testing chamber, explosive liquids can be tested safely
  • Construction businesses are constantly looking for more insulative building materials. When you mix concrete with substances like aerogel, which is extremely insulative, the only way to know the results is to test the new material directly.

High-Precision Dilatometers

Dilatometers are instruments that measure the changes in an objects physical dimensions as the objects’ temperature changes. Some parts and materials will heat up to very high temperatures in their intended use, and as materials heat up, they expand. Knowing the boundaries at which the temperature causes materials and parts to behave differently can be a key piece of information in your quality assurance.

Dilatometers are most often used for the following purposes:

  • How additives affect behavior in certain temperatures
  • Reaction kinetics – as in the way chemical reactions happen under different temperatures
  • Important aspects of how materials respond to temperature changes

Our dilatometers are highly accurate and stable across a wide measurement range, all the way up to 1600°C, while staying very cost effective. They also conform to all major standard test methods for dilatometry, including ASTM E228.

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