Underwater measurements and research

Most people dive for the fun of it...

LabroTek Ltd offer Professional solutions for underwater measurements:


USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) and mini-ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

In Finland we have technical support, spare parts and maintenance !

SeaTrac USBL and Data Modems

SeaTrac Micro-USBL tracking and data modems are built around a robust broadband spread spectrum signalling scheme, these multi-purpose acoustic transponder beacons are capable of simultaneously tracking asset positions and undertaking bi-directional data exchange.


Diver Navigators

Diver consoles combining sensors such as forward looking sonar, DVL and GPS navigation suitable for use by naval mine clearance divers, commercial divers, police and search & rescue divers who need to quickly and safely locate submerged objects.


StarFish Sidescan Sonars

Shallow water, high specification and portable towed side-scan sonar systems with a tow body measuring less than 15 inches long, that use the latest advanced digital CHIRP acoustic technology to produces spectacular images of the seabed.


Oculus Multibeam Sonars

Designed for use across a wide variety of underwater applications, the Oculus M-series of multibeam sonars are ideally suited for deployment onto micro sized platforms, while their rugged construction also makes them an excellent choice for larger work-class vehicles and subsea infrastructure.

Service and technical support in Scandinavia.

For underwater NDT measurements are supplied by Cygnus Instruments. Please ask more details from us.


More details about ARTEMIS PRO, click here !


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