Vibration Controllers

"When only the right kind of shaking will do."

LabroTek Ltd solutions for vibration/shaker controlling.

When your products deal with constant vibration in their everyday use (hi cars), every part must be tested for faults caused by vibration. Vibration testing equipment need controllers that tell the testing instruments how to vibrate, and gather feedback during testing via accelerometers . Usually, the controllers instruct the vibration test to continue until the test samples receive their expected lifetime doze of shaking about. The control boxes are operated from computers, which also receive test data and generate test reports automatically after testing. The results can be forwarded to a server or email address if needed. If any problems arise during the test period, you can get automatic alerts to your phone or computer.

It’s very easy to get carried away with vibration testing. This happens to the best car manufacturers too. Over testing is a common issue, and when over tested parts fail, unnecessary concerns arise. With vibration controllers, you can specify not just how to vibrate, but for how long and what type of testing needs to be done. Sine, Shock, Random, SoR, etc.

Our vibration controllers

Our vibration controller units come from Vibration Research. Their long term involvement in the testing field made them an easy top choice. We offer shipment, installation, calibration, service and training of staff in Scandinavia and Baltic regions.

NEW VR 10500 shaker controller is available now !


Sine ■ Random ■ Shock ■ Sine Resonance Track and Dwell ■ Shock Response Spectrum ■ Sine-On-Sine ■ Recorder Sine-On-Random ■ Random-On-Random ■ Transient Capture ■ Field Data Replication (FDR) ■ Kurtosion®Fatigue Damage Spectrum (FDS) ■ Instant Degrees Of Freedom® (iDOF) ■ Sine Tracking, Analysis and Generation (STAG)



A closer look at the VR9500

This controller is designed specifically with the user in mind. It offers superior performance, accuracy and user experience. This product is guaranteed to satisfy your testing needs:

  • Protect your investment and keep your shakers operational at all times: all our controllers have a full three year warranty. As long as you don’t drop it, you’re good.
  • Receive products that work perfectly on the first shipment, every time: each unit is carefully tested at VR premises before shipping.
  • If problems do arise, the maintenance is QUICK: The hardware solutions are common and the device has built-in troubleshooting diagnostics.
  • Use a device that was designed for you: 90% of the improvements on this new 5th generation model originate from customer feedback.

Plug and play

After you install the VibrationVIEW software, the device logs the results onto your computer. You can simply drag and drop the results to load the data to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. The data will be presentation ready from the start. You can choose from several premade report templates, or you are able to create your own template with your company logo if you wish.

When you want to start testing, all you need to do is plug in the Ethernet cable to your laptop and begin. The controller will create or read control files from your laptop, and make self diagnostics every time its connected to your laptop and power is on. If needed, you can use REMOTE control mode, which enables you to check lo of parameters via LAN network.

128 Inputs Available

The VR9500 can be scaled from 1 all the way to 128 channels. As you can see in the photo above, the device uses four-channel blocks that can be stacked on a rack or your desk.

You can view the full specifications here.

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