Viscometers & Rheometers

Do you know your material viscosity ?

LabroTek Ltd offer easy to use and reliably LAMY RHEOLOGY solutions.

Lamy Rheology have very strong experience designing and manufacturing Viscometers, and Rheometers. LabroTek offer Lamy Rheology viscometer and rheometer solutions to Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Viscometers, Rheometers and Texture Analyzer.

Our range covers the measurement need of product development, research laboratories, as well as quality and production control.

From our range you find also suitable Lamy Rheology versions for educational use.

Our Lamy Rheology Viscometers, Rheometers and Texture Analyzer solutions come from our leading European supplier Lamy Rheology.

Viscometers and Rheometers are suitable to different industry areas: food, building, chemicals, coatings, cosmetics and many other areas.

Be sure that your chosen measurement solutions is certified for your required ASTM or ISO industry standards. “ Brookfield Method ”

Lamy Rheology instruments have as well computer interface ( USB, RS-232…)

The simplest viscometers or rheometers allow one measurement at a time with 7 “colour touch screen, but for continuous measurements, or measurements at different temperatures, it is useful to have an automated system, when PC connection will be great option.


The accuracy of a viscometer is dependent not only on the engineering of the instruments, but also on how precisely temperature can be controlled. It is common to make repeated viscosity measurements that are averaged to achieve a result with an associated accuracy.

Temperature control

The viscosity of most materials reduces as temperature increases. Materials such as engine oils are subject to routine temperature variations in use, and the measurement of viscosity is required at different temperatures. Therefore, it is very important for viscometers to have precise temperature controls. This also one reason why we are offering Lamy Rheology solutions to our clients. Our instruments temperature control is – 20 °C to 300°C. ( Temp probes – 50°C to +300°C ).

Here is view options & accessories to cover needed standards ASTM, ISO…( made normally 316L stainless steel ) “Brookfield Method” 


Here is view picture of our Lamy Rheology solutions.

Laboratory table versions, as well Portable & Industrial versions.




Lamy Rheology Portable & Industrial process Viscometer solutions:



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