LabroTek Ltd offer local service and support in Scandinavia and Baltics !

Our mission does not end at the sale of testing equipment. Sensitive and heavy duty testing equipment both demand regular attention to maintain their best performance for years to come. We want you to be able to use your devices as seamlessly as possible. This is made possible by our continuous service & calibration support Team.

Flexible service and calibrations of our equipment´s

We can arrange all necessary maintenance, checkups and calibration for all the devices we sell. Our calibration and maintenance-organization covers all of Scandinavian and Baltic regions. All our service staff has all the necessary certificates to work with refrigerants and electricity. All our instruments which are delivered by LabroTek Ltd to customers and have valid warranty period. All service work need to be done by LabroTek Ltd people. In case if customer use other service contractor or company´s, warranty will be cut off, and customer have 100 % responsibility for warranty service, and all costs.


We offer calibration services for all the equipment we sell. Servicing other brands is also possible. Contact us for further information.

We can calibrate all acceleration sensors brands and as well as shaker controllers.

Maintenance deals for the guarantee period and beyond

To ensure continued usability, we offer maintenance agreements for longer periods of regular service. These are especially useful to fulfill necessary checkup and maintenance quota for your device guarantee.

This is our preferred method of maintenance. It’s predictable and saves you money when our team can spot failures before they occur. It’s also known as life span thinking or the life span approach.


Maintenance deals and life span thinking – What is it and why does it matter?

Why would you pay for regular checks on instruments and devices that are not broken yet? We here at Labrotek think about the whole life span of your equipment from brand new all the way to the last day it is ever used. Regular service and check-ups do cost money, but the benefits for your wallet are clear as well:

  • Your equipment lasts longer and is safer to use.
  • You can forget about the hassle of managing the maintenance of your equipment. We will let you know when it’s time for checkups or maintenance.
  • You get much less unscheduled maintenance, which can be worth a lot of money if your testing equipment is part of your production line.
  • Bigger maintenance tasks can be performed while your whole production line is serviced, without causing extra delays.
  • Your maintenance expenses will be much more predictable. One of the key points of life span thinking is to minimize surprise repair needs.

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