Kokonaisturvallisuus 2018 in Lahti

Lahden kokonaisturvallisuusmessut 2018

Kokonaisturvallisuus 2018 in Lahti

Published: 7.8.2018

This year we will partake in the Kokonaisturvallisuus 2018 held in Lahti, Finland. You can come say hi to us at section E 14 D, where we will be presenting our newest security sector solutions and equipment:

  • Drone/ UAV radar equipment and RF jammers ( Robin Radar, Radio Hill )
  • Underwater navigation and research equipments ( Blueprint Sea )
  • Radiation measurement instruments and solutions ( ECOtest group )

The fair will be held on Friday 7.9.2018 (d.m.y) and on Saturday 8.9.2018. Find more information here.

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